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Leo Club

The Allentown Lions club joined with 1st Vice District Governor Michael Marrazzo and District 16B Leo Chair Michelle Ball in welcoming the new Allentown High School Leo Club and its Officers at a dinner meeting on Thursday November 18 at the Millstone Elks Club in Clarksburg.


Allentown Lions Club President Al Mottola  and VDG Marrazzo  presented the new Leo officers with their club’s charter during the installation ceremony.  The new inductees, AHS Leo President Josephine Geranio, Vice President: Cassandra (Cassie) Chee, Secretary Alexandra (Allie) Semplice, each received their Leo Club lapel pin, membership certificate, and words of wisdom and heartfelt congratulations from Marrazzo in recognition of the important work they have already accomplished. Not in attendance but still honored was AHS Leo Treasurer Erin McNally.


“You, as Leos, have a unique opportunity to help others in ways that you may not yet have imagined,” said 1st VDG Marrazzo. “You are joining with hundreds of local Lions clubs throughout the region, thousands of clubs throughout the country, and hundreds of thousands of clubs all over the world. You have it in your power, then, as high school students, to better the lives of people everywhere. The Lions Club, charged by Helen Keller at the Cedar Point Convention of 1925, to be the Knights of the Blind, welcomes you and thanks you for your service.”


President Geranio accepted the club’s new bell and gavel on behalf of her club. The bell and gavel are important procedural tools for each Lions or Leo club and also serve as important symbols of Lionism. The items were presented to her by Lion President Al Mottola on behalf of the Allentown Lions membership which sponsors ands helps to sustain the high school club.


Geranio said that the AHS Leo club has already achieved a long list of impressive goals. The president reported the club has already held a Bake Sale for Breast Cancer which raised more that $200 for the cause.  Their recent participation in this year’s local Crop Walk garnered $2,000 in hunger-fighting funds. The club has been raking leaves for residents up and down the Borough’s Main Street as part of their ongoing volunteerism efforts. Geranio said the club is currently creating Holiday Baskets and holding a toiletry drive for needy area families, and is involved in multiple activities with Habitat for Humanity.  “I am so grateful and excited that we have been given this incredible opportunity to make a difference—a real difference,” President Geranio said Thursday. “We are also grateful for the support of the Allentown Lions.”


Also recognized for her volunteerism and work with the students was Allentown High School teacher Denise Mahrer, who serves as the Leo Club’s advisor. She reported that the fledgling club already stands nearly one-hundred members strong and is growing in popularity.


High School Principal Dr. Christopher Nagy was on hand to celebrate this new generation of dynamic community service for Allentown High School students. He addressed the club officers, reminding them that, as Leo members, they have a unique opportunity to serve as role models for other young people. “You must strive, not only to succeed, but to bring someone else along with you. Remember that the Allentown High School Leo Club is dedicated to paying it forward in our effort to change and improve our community.”

Also on hand to honor to the inductees was Jack Bielick, President of the Point Pleasant Lions Club. President Bielick offered the young Leo officers encouragement in the form of a huge stuffed lion who will serve as the Leo Club’s new mascot. The officers had not yet named their furry friend at press time.


Lion clubs sponsor more than 5,700 Leo clubs in 140 countries. While helping others in their community Leos develop leadership skills and experience teamwork in action. For more information about the Leo Club Program, visit the Leo Zone section of the Lions Club Website at To find out more about the Allentown Lions Club you can visit our website: